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Jane Millington M.S.B.T.H – I.F.H.B.C – I.H.B.C

Advanced Electrologist Practitioner in vein and Mole Removal.

Established 26 years, Jane is proprietor and head therapist at Body and Face Options clinic.
Her level headed approach to business has come through twenty one years of training and determination to be a successful businesswoman and highly qualified electrologist practioner.

After Jane graduated from a private clinic where she obtained her B.S.D diploma, international degree, anatomy and physiology and her advanced medical electrologist practitioner qualification in vein and mole removal, she realized the importance of being able to adapt her in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology background combing this with the latest advanced technologies has enabled Jane to use her skills to tailor make treatments to suite her clients personal needs


with attention to detail at all times. She continues to invest her time, money and research into providing her clients with the best, advanced and up to date treatments available, all under one roof.
Jane’s latest qualification is Medical Masterclass within the field of Micro Pigmentation. Jane is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine!

The likelihood is that you may struggle to find such an extensive range of treatments within one clinic outside London, Even Europe!

Amanda Evans

I began my interest in beauty by attending a hair and beauty course at my local college. Over the two years of training I thoroughly enjoyed the course and excelled in the beauty sector, having a real passion for the anatomy and physiology aspect to the face and body. I then decided to continue onto a third and final year just concentrating on beauty, gaining all three levels: 1,2 and 3.

Upon my final year I was extremely proud to achieve an outstanding award which was student of the year by gaining 100{b76fd92ea978c942b05ecc2790a734f6696b1d72008bccb135d03df72543f3c3} attendance and top marks in the exams. Once I had finished college, I joined Body and Face Options in 2005 working along side Jane and I have never looked back. I have continued to develop my knowledge of beauty by divulging into the world of non surgical treatments.

I have over 10 years of experience in this profession, combined with Jane’s knowledge and our incredible ability to stride forward with the most up to date technology, together we have over 35 years of knowledge, expertise and care to help.


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