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Jane Baker

M.S.B.T.H – I.F.H.B.C – I.H.B.C
Advanced Electrologist Practitioner in vein and Mole Removal.

Established since 1988, Jane is proprietor and head clinical practitioner at Body and Face Options clinic.
Her level headed approach to business has come through twenty one years of training and determination to be a successful businesswoman and highly qualified electrologist practitioner.

After Jane graduated from a private clinic where she obtained her B.S.D diploma, international degree, anatomy and physiology and her advanced medical electrologist practitioner qualification in vein and mole removal, she realized the importance of being able to adapt her in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology background combing this with the latest advanced technologies has enabled Jane to use her skills to tailor make treatments to suite her clients personal needs with attention to detail at all times.

She continues to invest her time, money and research into providing her clients with the best, advanced and up to date treatments available, all under one roof.
Jane’s latest qualification is Medical Masterclass within the field of Micro Pigmentation. Jane is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine!

The likelihood is that you may struggle to find such an extensive range of treatments within one clinic outside London, Even Europe!

History of Body & Face Options

Body & Face Options was established in 1988, we are proud to be the only clinic within the UK and Europe to offer the amount of quality treatments ranging from Micro Pigmentation, Vein Removal, Mole Removal to Non-Surgical Liposuction. We have worked hard to achieve this accreditation and all of our loyal clients.

We haven’t always been who we are today and it took a lot of hard work, passion and desire to succeed to achieve the status we have now.

26 years ago I was going through a divorce, working two jobs to try and support my 2 children and fund my training to gain the degree’s needed to begin my career as a Aesthetic Practitioner.

After I gained my qualifications I began working for an Osteopath in Shrewsbury 2 days a week. The view was for me to take over this practice but I decided that I would like to open my own clinic.

Body and Face Options was started up in a tiny room at the back of a hair dressing salon in Shrewsbury. I worked from this room for 3 months and went on to share a unit in Castlefields. Once I had moved to this unit I bought my first machine which was our CACI Non Surgical Facelift machine. I was the first clinic to bring this machine to Shropshire and to provide the treatment to my clients.

After 3 years of sharing the unit, I took a big leap and decided to take over the whole unit. This turned out to be a fantastic decision and Body & Face Options went from strength to strength. I began to gain a loyal client base and my passion to provide state of the art treatments grew as time went on.

I stayed at the unit in Castlefields for a number of year before deciding to move to a clinic in Ryton XI Towns, I was extremely concerned about this move as I was worried I may lose the clients that I had been treating for many years, but I am extremely thankful and proud to say that my clients followed me.

I have now been at the clinic in Maesbury Marsh for over 10 years, and still have the same passion and desire that I started with in the back room of the hair dressing salon in Shrewsbury. I have continued to train in many different aspects of the treatments that we offer, I have attended the Royal College of Surgeons in London where I trained to do breast, areola and nipple reconstruction and scar work. Also I was very fortunate to be trained to perform colonic hydrotherapy and was very proud to be trained by the Guru of colonics Dr Milo Siewart. I am attending over the next weeks more training on advanced mole removal and skin disorders. Just recently I have also received a personal invite to attend a worldwide conference in Berlin for advanced training on Micro-pigmentation.

Amanda joined me when I first opened the clinic in Maesbury Marsh and from the day I met her I knew she had the same passion and drive for changing our clients lives and to offer the break through technology that we pride ourselves on today.

Every single penny gets re-invested back in to the business again which allows us to keep up to date with the latest machines and treatments available on the market. We are thankful to all of our clients and would not be who we are today with out your loyalty and words of encouragement. Please have a look at our testimonials page to see just handful of the clients we have helped.

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