3D-LaserSculpt-applicators3D-LaserSculpt is a unique body-contouring treatment using 1060nm laser technology to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and the love handles, helping you achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery or own time.

Hot is the new cold! This technology is set to take over the body contouring market over more traditional methods such as fat freezing due to its fantastic capabilities to achieve great results in such a fast treatment time of just 25 minutes!

Why 3D-LaserSculpt?3D-LaserSculpt
• Fast, 25 minute treatment time
• Precise targeting without damaging surrounding tissue
• Treats a variety of areas
• Large treatment areas
• Advance comfort cooling
• Fast results
• No Downtime
• Affordable treatments


How does it work?
3D-LaserSculpt operates at the
speed of light, the treatment uses
light-based laser technology to
destroy fat cells. Applicators are
secured onto of your skin that emit
lasers through the skin (without
affecting it) to heat up the cells and
destroy them.
Is 3D-LaserSculpt Safe?
3D-LaserSculpt is completely
safe as it targets and permanently
destroys fat cells without surgery,
or downtime. 3D-LaserSculpt is the
latest non-surgical 25 minute fat
loss procedure that uses light-based
technology to permanently destroy
fat cells. There are no adverse
side effects to treatment, and no
downtime required.
What will I Experience during
During treatment, a belt will be
placed around the area being treated.
The applicators from the machine
are then clipped into the belt. The
applicators deliver energy beneath
the skin to target the fat cells. During
the treatment itself, most patients
feel a tingling sensation intermittently
throughout the treatment, which is
generally well-tolerated.
Who is a good candidate for
3D-LaserSculpt is designed for
patients in the normal to overweight
category on the Body Mass Index
(BMI), so people with a BMI of
under 30. The ideal candidate is
someone with stubborn fat around
the tummy and/or love handle area.
3D-LaserSculpt is ideal for people
with trouble spots, particularly those
that seem resistant to diet and
exercise. It is fantastic for targeting
overall fat reduction.

What Areas Can Be Treated?
3D-LaserSculpt can target a variety
of areas including the abdomen for
overall fat reduction, buttocks and
How many treatments are
Most patients see results with as
little as one treatment. However,
2-3 treatments are typically
recommended. It is advised that
further treatments are performed 6-8
weeks following first treatment. Some
patients may wish to have additional
treatments based on desired results.
Ask your treatment provider about
the best treatment plan for you.
How long does treatment take?
3D-LaserSculpt is an extremely
quick and affective treatment for fat
reduction, with a full treatment taking
around 25 minutes in total.
How long until I see results?
Many patients start to see results as
early as 6 weeks following treatment
as the body begins to evacuate the
destroyed fat cells, with optimal
results usually seen at 12 weeks.
Is there any downtime or aftercare
Following a 3D-LaserSculpt
treatment, there is absolutely no
downtime, allowing you to resume
your daily activities straight away.
This makes it the ideal ‘lunch time
treatment’ allowing you to get back
to work for that afternoon meeting.
You can also resume normal
everyday activities such as the gym
right away. Your therapist will advise
on any aftercare required, however
this is usually just a case of drinking
plenty of water to help aid in flushing
those dead fat cells out of the body.

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