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Pain Free, Natural and effective.

The new anti aging system based on Heatless Laser and Hyaluronic Acid Nanosphere gel.
The natural alternative to filler injections Fills out wrinkles naturally without needles or surgery

What is Hialurox?

Hialurox is the new and revolutionary method to combat the signs of aging as a cosmetic alternative to filler injection. As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity and wrinkles start to appear. Hialurox restores the volume and elasticity of the skin without needles or need for filler injections.

Hialurox method uses a Cold Laser

The professional Hialurox cold laser equipment is specifically designed to exploit the potential of Hyaluronic acid for the active repair and restoration of tissues. This is a laser-intensive, close to infra-red spectrum, class 2B, at a wavelength of 905 nm. Being a cold laser, it causes no appreciable change in heat (no increase in skin temperature by more than one degree centigrade).

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a new generation medical-cosmetic active ingredient of cumulative action and scheduled release. Created by biotechnology, Hyaluronic acid is fragmented and encapsulated in crystal nanospheres to preserve itself during the transmission phase.

The implementation of these repairs the skin’s natural loss of elasticity and firmness induced over the years.

The Hyaluronic Acid in Our Body

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in all living organisms. Our body generates it from birth to encourage and regulate the hydration of the epidermis. It has the ability to absorb and retain large amounts of water in the skins and plays a decisive role as a binding element in the extracellular space. One of the primary functions of the Hyaluronic acid is to keep water molecules in the cells and tissues, providing the means that our body needs for its transportation and for many other molecular processes.

The amount of Hyaluronic acid that we create naturally determines the elasticity and firmness of our skin. At an early age, we generate substantial quantities of HA; at about 40, the production Hyaluronic acid is reduced by 50% and by 60 we have barely 10% of what we produced at birth.
The most visible effects of this reduction in Hyaluronic acid in our bodies are the first appearances of expression lines, changes in the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, reduced [swelling/plumpness?], harsher and drier skin.

Biotechnology for Hyaluronic Acid

Until now, no one has been able to make the Hyaluronic acid penetrate beyond the surface layer of skin using creams, serums, gels, etc, since the Hyaluronic acid molecule is too large to penetrate through the pores of the skin.

Pain Free (no injections), Natural, and Effective

What Is The Treatment

The Hialurox treatment consists of up to six applications, spread across two one-hour sessions per week for three weeks. Each session begins with the preparation of the skin by cleansing and exfoliation before conducting various localised Hyaluronic acid Nanosphere crystal gel and Hialurox laser applications. Then a Criomascarilla mask of active carbon is applied, and the session ends with the application of the Hialurox Life Complex, a regenerator complex which is designed for continuous home treatment.

Are The Results Immediate?

The results of the Hialurox treatment can be appreciated from the first application, and will increase as the days and weeks pass. It should be remembered that in addition to actively penetrating the skin, treatment also stimulates the production of the endogenous Hyaluronic acid (which the body creates itself) and stimulates cell metabolism. In other words, it helps to create new cells and favors the body’s own placement of collagen and elastin.

How Long Will its Effects Last?

The effects of the Hialurox treatment will improve from the day of treatment up to six months after. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 8 to 12 weeks or as prescribed by the professional.

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