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A small selection of our lovely client reviews

Always made welcome. Amanda never stops to make my cacci special. See you next month.
val L.
val L.
10:44 23 Apr 19
Too over the top. Trying to compete with Harvey Street and Chester. All white and sterile. Treatments on offer very good. Amanda an excellent therapist
Josephine L.
Josephine L.
12:14 13 May 18
Up to date treatments
Ann L C.
Ann L C.
19:40 26 Feb 18

Hi Jane, I ment to get in touch sooner. Saturday she went out with her hair up! I was so emotional, I cried. It's all gone, and she's thrilled, we all are. No words can express our gratitude, your love and compassion for libby has blown us away. I will send you a pic tomorrow, she's asleep now. Her confidence this week at school has increased 10 fold. Thank you so, so much Jane xxx
Oh I am over joyed so glad that I could help give lib a big hug from me and tell her that I am very proud of her and now enjoy her beautiful little face much love jane x


I’ve lost two stone in two months thanks to Body and Face Options. I was saving for a Tummy Tuck and saw Jane’s advert in the Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer for non surgical treatments, so I jumped at the offer!

Jane and her team have helped me with new ideas and advice on what to eat and drink and have advised me on exercise at home, I have a young baby, so it is easier for me to follow a work out video, sit ups , step etc.

I have lost five inches in total and the whole treatment has made a massive difference to my shape , enabling me to fit in to my old, smaller clothes!


I have been receiving Electrolysis treatment at Body and Face Options for several months, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.
Jane is absolutely 100% professional, dedicated, and the extra health and safety measures she has put in place during this pandemic is excellent.
I cannot praise Jane enough, and for putting me at my ease whilst explaining every detail of what the treatment entailed.
I hope whoever reads this will not hesitate to contact Jane, I am positive you will not be disappointed.


From the time you step into the tranquil setting of Body & Face Options, you are treated to sheer indulgence. The care, attention, knowledge and expertise shown by Jane and her team leave you in no doubt that you are being privileged in receiving the cutting edge of treatments. You are not seen as ‘just another client’, but as a member of an ever extending family, being tenderly nurtured and regaining the ability to feel good about yourself again.
For that Jane I thank you, I feel truly honoured. The passion you have for your work radiates through each one of us who has been fortunate enough to have benefitted from your expertise.

C. GarbettPatient

Two decades have past since I first visited Body and Face Options and the proprietor, Jane Millington, including her team of Beauty Therapists which have always offered the cutting edge in Beauty Therapy. I have continued my visits, although now retired, as this oasis of clam, offers professional pampering and a period of stress free time for myself.

J.B HallPatient

My mother and I have been clients of Jane Millington’s Body and Face Options for over 10 years.
During that time we have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful treatments Jane provides at he superb country clinic. Jane and her team have extended us great kindness and consideration with the very best professional care; her staff are well trained, delightful people.
It is a great pleasure to be a client of Body and Face Options, a truly excellent establishment.

C. DenmanPatient

I first met Jane 16 years ago. For 2 years I had suffered with a facial skin condition which Doctors & a dermatologist seemed to be reluctant to give a diagnosis but eventually they seemed to think it was Acne Rosacea. I was told there was no cure for this condition and the only treatment was to take antibiotics for the rest of my life. These did not help by this time I was really depressed not knowing what to do.
I decided to look through the Yellow Pages for Beauty Therapists who specialised in problem skin and came across an advert for Body & Face Options. I made an appointment and within 10 minutes of seeing Jane she diagnosed my condition as Acne Rosacea – the same condition it had taken the medial profession 2 years to diagnose. Jane devised a tailor-made treatment for my condition and within a short space of time my skin had improved dramatically. I now receive compliments on the condition of my skin, something I never thought would ever happen. Not only has Jane treated my condition very successfully, she has also given me back my self-esteem and confidence.
Jane is a very caring person, with a genuine interest in her clients various problems and she is very passionate about her work. We are very lucky in this area to have such a clinic as Body and Face Options which offers a wide range choice of treatments with a very high quality service run by such a highly qualified person as Jane. Not only has Jane become one of my best friends she is also my “miracle worker”.
Someone who takes such time and care over clients has got to be a very special person.

J. FlackPatient

I have dark hair; over the past few years I have developed a large bald patch around the crown of my head. It was very embarrassing and I felt self conscious whenever people were behind me. My daughter read about a medical semi-permanent tattoo, designed to camouflage these areas of baldness.
I have had three sessions, and am very pleased with the results. It was painful at times but it was well worth it.


Jane, I am writing to say thank you very much for all your efforts to help me make so much progress in overcoming my Bell’s Palsy. I really appreciate you fitting me into your busy diary of bookings when I first came to see you and took considerable encouragement from your expertise and warm professional manner. Your positivity really boosted my morale which I think is so important in aiding a full and speedy recovery. I will not hesitate to seek your help if I find I need a boost over the coming weeks and will recommend you and your team to friends in the future.


I cannot recommend highly enough the Endermologie and Gaia treatments provided by Jane and her team at Body and Face Options.
I am 46 years old and for the last 30 years have been extremely conscious of the very bad cellulite I have always had on my legs. Having seen the advert for Body and Face options in Cheshire Life I contacted them. As soon as I spoke to Jane I felt confident in her advice but it was only as the treatments began that I knew for sure how much of a difference this was going to make to me and that maybe for the first time in many years I might be confidently wearing shorts this summer! After 10 appointments a set of pictures were taken of my legs for comparison with my initial look and the difference was incredible. My legs have not only improved in appearance but also texture and in shape, the result has more than surpassed my expectations.

It is now 2 months since my first appointment and the results just get better and better and I have now started a course of CACI treatments for my face for which I am equally pleased with epecially when my family and friends keep telling me how well I am looking.

Just as importantly to me as the results have been the service that has been provided, the whole team are not only incredibly professional in their approach to what can be very sensitive issues but they are friendly, kind and attentive.

A. GoodwinPatient

Dear Jane,
I am writing to say how pleased I am with my Eyebrow Micropigmentation treatment carried out by yourself.
I was impressed by your professionalism and by the cleanliness and high standards of your clinic. Right from my first consultation I felt confident and at ease and was happy to place myself in your hands.
I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the results after my first treatment, however after discussing this with you, I can perfectly understand the reasoning in being cautious with the initial treatment. I am however delighted to say I am extremely pleased with the finished result following my second follow up treatment.
The entire process was completely pain free and carried out in an extremely professional manner, the healing time was actually less that suggested in your literature and I can only say my ‘new’ eyebrows have made a huge confidence particularly when going swimming. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends or family.
Please accept my thanks and I look forward to seeing you again when I require a colour boost in the future.

J. GarbettPatient

I have been a client of Body and Face Options for the last twenty, something, years. During which time I spent some months living, and working, in London and after looking, high and low, I was unable to find a Beauty Therapist with the patience and understanding of the client’s needs, knowledge and vast array of treatments that I have found with Jane Middleton and her Specialist Team – this, inevitably, found me traveling back and forth to Shropshire for my treatments.
I have always found Jane Millington to offer an amazing package of the latest and most up-to-date treatments, something for my every need. I can honestly say that my visits have seen some amazing results both facially and with the many body treatments that I have experienced – all of which, I can highly recommend and the results of which are that I can get away with being ten years the younger!
Each and every treatment that I receive leaves me with a feeling of wellbeing and confidence and totally relaxed as the attention to detail and wonderful calming surroundings, and atmosphere, are a joy to experience and I can’t wait for my next visit!

E. McCarthyPatient

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