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18 minutes of this treatment is equivalent to 200 sit-ups.

The treatment contracts the body muscles. Measurements are taken before and after the course of treatments, inch loss is therefore achieved.

Excellent way of tightening the muscles if one is unable to exercise naturally.

Course of 12 treatments recommended £POA

Eurowave is an advanced, computerised slimming and toning treatment. Based on the use of faradic current which “works out” the muscle
Eurowave gives the effect of isometric exercise but completely effortlessly, totally safely and in a fraction of the time.

Just lie back while Eurowave gently exercises your muscles during an 18 minute session. Firming, toning and tightening stomach, hips and thighs, resulting in an immediate and excellent inch loss. Many clients report an immediate increase in energy levels after their treatment, which is due to Eurowave encouraging the body’s lymphatic system to expel excess fluids and toxins from the body.

A course of treatments are generally recommended for longer lasting results.
Eurowave also features programmes for the successful treatment of conditions such as sports injuries, stress, pre-menstrual problems, including fluid retention, certain back conditions.
For an immediate inch loss where you need it most.

An ideal treatment to reduce cellulite and remove unsightly bulges.
Transform the shape of your body.
Simply lie back and let Eurowave do the work.
One 18 minute session is equivalent to over 200 sit-ups, so you can lookforward to a flat stomach in next to no time.

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