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A unique way of ridding the body of unwanted fat. This is achieved by using the current Electropolysis. The fat within each cell is surponified, following with lymphatic drainage the elimination of fat is completed.

Course of 10 treatments recommended £POA

The non surgical liposuction is a procedure that will give long lasting results. This procedure will need several treatments; this will depend on where on the body you get the non surgical liposuction and how much fat and cellulite need to be taken out.

After the non surgical liposuction there will be no swelling or bruising. There may be some tenderness and soreness in the area on the body that got the non surgical liposuction. There is no bandages needed, you can walk in and out the same day of the non surgical liposuction procedure.

There will be checkups with the non surgical liposuction team to make sure the procedure worked, and to see if there is anymore areas on the body that will need work. Most will require more the one procedure at the same time to eliminate doing the procedure again; however there is a need for more than one treatment most of the time.

A person who gets the non surgical liposuction procedure will be able to look like they have lost weight within the first 5 days of having the non surgical liposuction procedure. Because this is a non surgical procedure this is a very safe and risk free procedure. Non surgical liposuction has many different techniques that can help you look your best.

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