Nova Cavitation

permanent_body_fat_removal_before-and-fat WHAT IS CAVITATION?
Cavitation, used both in cosmetology and in aesthetic medicine and surgery, is an innovative technique mainly for reducing localised adiposity and cellulite in a non-surgical manner, which uses low frequency ultrasound (from 30 to 70 KHz).

It is a safe, efficient method, which is non-invasive, causes no pain or collateral effects, consisting of diluting fat through movement, safely, with no anaesthetic or recovery time required.

The new Cavitation Equipment allows you to shape your body, freeing it from those localised fat deposits and structures which it is so difficult to act against without resorting to surgery.

This is the sole comparable alternative to surgery or liposuction.By NOVACAV, the destruction of fat is permanent. They will be totally eliminated from the body via natural metabolic process (renal, lymphatic and venous systems)

NOVACAV is especially recommended for
● CELLULITE (orange peel skin, fibrous adipose nodules)
● LOCALISED FAT (hips, stomach spare tyres)


CORPORA has developed an innovative technique which allows you achieve fast, definitive results with no secondary affects or nuisance. This technology has been applied to the NOVACAV equipment with surprising results for its application in a context of absolute safety.

This new CORPORA CAVITATION lets you shape the body, freeing it from those localised fat deposits or structures against which it is so difficult to act.
Currently, it is the only comparable alternative to surgery or liposuction. It is painless, non-invasive and has no side effects.

CAVITATION produces a phenomenon in which gas bubbles form. These contract and expand inside a liquid subject to an intense, low-frequency ultrasonic (LFU) field.


Cavitation acts against the adipose tissues, causing the fatty material to fragment and subsequently diffuse the lipidic matrix, which will later be dissolved into the interstitial fluid. Emulsification of the lipidic content favours its metabolic assimilation. This fluid is conducted through the vascular and lymphatic systems towards the liver. Once there, it is processed normally by the organism.

Representation of the cavitation process on fatty tissue


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