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ReGen LED Therapy

from Energist

This versatile system is a breakthrough in LED technology, delivering a constant stream of rejuvenating light. Powered by high intensity LED’s using red and blue light, ReGen™ has the power and flexibility to reduce the signs of ageing and improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Offering 3 different light settings, red, blue and combined red and blue, ReGen™ can be personalized by the therapist to suit each client’s skin type and condition. The power output can also be altered to ensure the most efficient treatment is provided every single time.

  • Multiple treatment options
  • Large treatment area
  • Fully adjustable intensity levels
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Fully adjustable treatment times
  • Unique DEL technology
  • Fully flexible positioning system
  • Dual fan air-cooling system

Bring skin Back to Life with ReGen Treatment

ReGen TM uses visible light which is proven to have beneficial bio-stimulation effects on the skin which alleviate the damage caused by aging and the sun.

The light interacts with the skin cells to initiate new collagen production and to speed up skin repair.

This skin renewal enhancement helps counteract the signs of aging and acne.

It can also help enhance the effect of other aesthetic treatments and products.

Professional advanced electrologist practitioner

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

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